Elektrilise puhastusharja õige kasutamine


Kasutadeselektriline puhastushari, first apply a layer of cleanser on the skin or on the brush head of the elektriline puhastushari. When the brush head rotates, after the cleanser is fully foamed, you can massage and clean the skin in a circular motion. The use time is within 1-2 minutes. Be careful not to apply too much force to the brush head. Lõpuks lülitage seade väljaswitch of the elektriline puhastushari and rinse your face with cold water.

Enne kui kasutameelektriline puhastushari, we must first soak the face. It is better to choose warm water to wash the face. It can fully open the facial pores and let the facial cleanser wash away the dirt in the pores, and then choose an appropriate amount of facial cleanser. You can squeeze the cleanser on the head of the elektriline puhastushari according to the instruction manual of the elektriline puhastushari. Generally, you can squeeze a cleanser the size of a dollar coin.

Sel ajal lülitage sisse lülitielektriline puhastushari, turn the brush head of the elektriline puhastushari, fully foam the cleanser, and then put it on the face, massage the skin from the inside out, so that the cleansing face will be cleaner, the cleansing brush It should not stay on the face for too long. Generally, the time of using the elektriline puhastushari is 1-2 minutes. If you use the elektriline puhastushari for the first time, be careful not to wash it for too long, otherwise the face will feel painful.

Lõpuks lülitage seade väljaelektriline puhastusharija loputage nägu külma veega, et poorid kokku tõmbuksid ja nahk pringimaks muutuks!

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